Saturday, June 13, 2009

Conversations with Little Love

As always, one of my favorite things about Motherhood is hearing my Little Love talk. Adam has entertained us with his talking for over a year now. He is talking in long sentences these days and it's so fun (and funny!) to hear him. Just yesterday he looked at me as he was going up the stairs and said "I'm getting dressed". He's very curious and will point out everything he sees. If he doesn't know a word he'll ask "What's that?". He's also quite bossy ("No Dada sing" or "No Mama talk" when he's hearing his favorite songs) yet so very sweet ("hold Mama's hand" or "Mee Mee" -- his affectionate name for me -- he'll say it as he's running to me to give me a big hug). He understands just about everything. For example, Steven and I were talking normally about having chicken for dinner the other night. All of a sudden we hear Adam's adorable little voice saying "No chicken. Macaroni and Cheese". He also calls Daddy "Steven" a few times a day. For example, he'll say "Come here, Steven" and he's totally serious. Steven goes "No, it's Daddy, Adam!" Too funny.

Yesterday, we were stuck in some serious traffic and LL was getting restless. I started asking him some questions. Here is part of our conversation, verbatim:

Mama: Adam, what's your favorite color?
Adam: Green (he knows all his colors now and has for a few weeks now. Yay! Usually, though, when you ask him what color something is he'll just name a color without looking at it. I'll have to ask him to actually look at the item and then he'll say the color correctly. Since I always "give him 5" when he names the correct color, if I forget to, HE will ask ME to give him 5. He's such a character!

Mama: What's your favorite food?
Adam: Piece of cheese (or maybe he said macaroni & cheese... another car was beeping at the time)!

Mama: What's your favorite TV show?
Adam: Kipper (for the first time, Kipper the Dog has replaced Barney as his answer).

Mama: What's Dada's name?
Adam: Daddy. Steven.

Mama: What's Mama's name?
Adam: Mama
Mama: What's Mama's other name?
Adam: Beth (sounds like Bet)

Mama: Who does Adam love?
Adam: Mama! (good answer)
Mama: Who else does Adam love?
Adam: Dada (we've trained him well)!

Mama: Who loves Adam?
Adam: Mama. So much!

Mama: Adam is...
Adam: Mama's Love :)

Mama: Where does Adam want to go?
Adam: Home. No, playground.

After a minute or two, Adam got annoyed and asked for "music... Little People"! :)

How I love talking to my Little Love!

Adam sleeping in his Big Boy Bed. One of the very few times when he's NOT talking. Other quiet times are when he's watching TV or listening to music in the car. Besides that, he's a chatterbox like his Mama! :)

More pictures and updates soon!!!

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