Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- soccer champ & new overalls!

I bought Adam this huge "soccer ball" at the party store last week. It was love at first sight for Adam... he was SO attached that he managed to have the biggest temper tantrum EVER when I wouldn't let him kick it in Par.ty Ci.ty's parking lot. I know.... I'm working on not being so protective. :) Fortunately, he CAN kick it in the parking lot behind our houses... since nobody really goes down the street... and if we see/hear a car, we immediately pick him up and carry him into the grass (yeah... I shouldn't joke about being too protective should I?!?) :)

Also... this morning I put Adam in overalls for the first time in over a year (he lived in them last spring). I forgot that I bought these on sale at Old Navy and he's never worn them and they're sized 18-24 months so.... 90 degree weather or not, my kid is wearing overalls today! In my defense, he only wore them in the very air-conditioned Gymb.oree arts & crafts class today and then we put on shorts. Here he is, modeling his overalls for Elmo:

Happy Wednesday to all! I'm done with work now for 2 months (besides a few seminars). Yahoo! :)