Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Dear Daddy & Zaide,

Happy Father's Day! I am SO HAPPY that I got to share this special day with you BOTH today...what a treat! :)

You bring such happiness to me... I am such a lucky little guy.

I love you both... SOOOO Much!



Adam giving Zaide his Father's Day present -- a Kiddish cup that Adam painted for him... complete with his fingerprints on it! :)

Adam painting Zaide his Kiddish cup last week

Look at how we've grown through the years!:
The 3 Generations of the "H Men"... on Adam's "birth" day... March 28, 2007

The 3 Generations of the "H Men"... June 2008 in Destin, FL

The 3 Generations of the "H Men"... Father's Day -- June 2009

Daddy and Adam:
Adam & Daddy -- Daddy's 1st Father's Day!!! June 2007 (Adam was 2.5 months old)! :)

Adam & Daddy... Father's Day 2008 (Adam at 14 months)

Adam & Daddy... Father's Day 2009. Adam LOVES playing with Daddy!

Zaide and Adam:
Adam & Zaide -- on Adam's "birth" day -- March 28, 2007. Their 1st photo together. :)

Adam & Zaide... Destin, FL -- June 2008

Adam & Zaide... Father's Day 2009

Adam LOVES Zaide... Father's Day 2009

Of course, I miss my own father on Father's Day (well, every day). Today is no different... I ALWAYS miss him and ALWAYS think about him. My dad, like me, LOVED holidays, presents, etc. I still remember the peanut jar that Mom & I bought him at a craft show when I was a kid. It said "Dad's Peanuts" on it... he loved peanuts! I can still picture his smile when he opened up his gift. Here's a photo of us taken from my wedding in June 2003... such a happy day...
My Dad and I on my wedding day... right before I crashed from sheer exhaustion... this pic was taken around midnight. I swear I looked MUCH better in the hours before! :)

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Amanda said...

Awww, sweet boys!

I'm glad you had good memories of your Dad this Father's Day. I know it must be really hard for you on days like this without him there.

Thinking of you! Hugs!