Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 year check-up, 3rd haircut & Operation BBB Update

Soooo much to update on...

Adam's 2-year-old check-up (2 months late)!: Adam had his 2-year-old check-up (at 26 months) on Monday. I always get really nervous about these appointments... always have. Fortunately, all was fine (Thank You, G-d!). His weight was 26 lb. 11 oz. which put him in the 25th %ile for the first time ever! Yahoo! He usually sits around the 15th %ile. Full confession: He had a big breakfast AND drank a Pediasure on the way to the Dr's. But still... that couldn't have made more than a pound difference, right? His height was 34.5 inches which put him smack in the middle of the 25-50th%ile range (down from 50th at 19 months). The doctor said that based on this, his adult height will probably be 5'8" or 5'9" (if you double his height). Which makes sense sensee Steven is almost 5'10" but his dad and my dad (and my brother, Joey) are/was around 5'9". His head stayed at the 50th%ile.

Developmentally, he seems to be right on track (running, climbing, etc.). The Doctor said his speech & language is of a 3 year old! Not sure about that, be he is a big talker. Which makes sense if you knew my family! :o) He said he'll see us again when Adam's 3 (YIKES!) but I can take him back in 6 months for a growth check, if I want to... totally optional. Dr. F is a best. He's known Adam since he's been 5 days old and calls him a "mini genious". It's very sweet how Adam even knows his name now! :o)

Adam's 3rd Haircut: In other "growing" news, Adam's hair has really taken off! Lots & lots of blonde curls! I really didn't want him to get a haircut (the curls are precious) but when Grandma said he needed a haircut, I knew it was time (as she loves his curls, too). The folks at Cartoon Cuts did a nice job & I'm getting used to the Big Boy Cut (hey, goes with the whole Big Boy theme, right?)! Here are some pics:

"Before" shot... not the best picture, but you get the idea

side/back picture... lots & lots of curls!

Adam was seriously this still & this intense throughout the entire haircut. We couldn't tell if he was really that into the Dora cartoon or just watching the hairdresser's every move in the mirror.

Look at that face!

All done! After shot.

After shot of the back... where are all of LL's curls?!?

Operation BBB: In Operation Big Boy Bed news, we've had some success but are still working out the kinks. In general, Adam seems to LOVE his Big Boy Bed. However, It's still hard to get him down at night but he's been sleeping through the night again (thank goodness!). He's still procrastinating going to bed ("Need water, chocolate milk, etc.") and going to bed entirely too late, but we're working on it. He still doesn't want to sleep alone and we've been with him until he's fallen asleep. I *know* this is a bad habit... I'm just not sure how to break it (any advice would be much appreciated!)

That being said, he put himself to bed for the first time, during nap time, today (said "Bye Bye Mama... Sleep"). I thought he would run around and play in his room but he actually put himself to sleep (nice!). However, 45 minutes later, I heard him softly cry. I went in and found him on the pillows! He fell out! :o( When I went to check on him (after he went back to sleep) his legs were sticking over the mattress (he likes to sleep vertically). He also said "Adam fell down. Hit his head on bed"... guess that's what happened when he fell out earlier. Ugh. As a result of that(? maybe), he was terrified to sleep by himself tonight. I mean terrified. I'm really hoping this gets easier soon! Once again... stories are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tara (Bailey's Mom), for the great advice that you gave! :o)

Here are some pics of Adam in his BBB... he'll run in his room and go straight to he corner. Every time he wakes up he says "I did it! I slept in Big Boy Bed!" It's sooo cute!

Adam LOVES his Big boy Bed!

Sneaky Smile! That's my Little Love!

Have a great week, everyone! 2 weeks left of work for me (until the end of Aug.) -- yahoo! :)


Two Lines On a Stick said...

I think his haircut is adorable! And congrats on the weight gain Little Love!

Amanda said...

3 year old language skills! Wow!!! Smart boy!!! Glad y'all had a good appointment. And of course I understand how thrilling weight gain for our babies can be!!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Cute haircut and pics in the BBB! Teo used to fall out of his toddler bed for the first few months as he was getting used to it. He would cry, and we would go in and comfort him, then put him back in bed. He cried a little but went back to sleep pretty quickly.

He doesn't fall out anymore, except the other day we went in to his room in the morning and he was sleeping on the floor with his blankets around him. When I said "Good morning" and "Are you OK?" he woke up and said "I fall out of bed" and smiled.