Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (sorta) -- week in review :)

I have soooo many updates but am too exhausted to write now. Good thing today is Wednesday so I can get away with a "Wordless Wednesday" post... chock full of photos... I know Aunt Christy is thinking "Yes! Finally! Enough with all the writing!" :o) So, without further ado, here is our week in photos:

Last Thursday, we went to Frying Pan Park with my friends Kerry, Angela and Rachel and their little ones. Here's a picture of Lily, Adam and Liam watching the Baa-Baa Sheep. I feel like enlarging this photo and hanging it in Adam's room. It's very peaceful and innocent... like the kids... well, sometimes. :)

Adam LOVED Frying Pan Park this time. He was really into observing the animals, for the first time. Usually he's more interested in the playground. :) It was really sweet to observe. That being said, when Grandma asked him what he did at the Farm, he replied... drank apple juice (a special treat since our apple juice days -- except at Grandma's House -- are long gone!) :)

On Sunday, we went to the Herndon Festival. It was a really hot day and the fair was extremely crowded. They had a great art area for the kids, though, which Adam enjoyed. Here he is making a butterfly.

I left Steven with Adam for a few minutes to buy some water. When Adam saw me approaching them, he got really excited to show me his "butterfly". Precious.

Working hard on his art.

We stopped for lunch in Old Town Herndon. Adam was worn out (we all were) after a few hours at the festival!

The weekend ended with a trip to the playground.

So happy! The playground is Adam's 2nd home! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!!!


Sarah said...

Love the first pic...I would absolutely blow that up and frame it. Innocence is a beautiful thing.

Getz Gang said...

sweet child

when are you coming?

beth and melinda said...

we wannnnnnnnnnnna see you