Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Potty Time!

"My boy likes to POTTY all the time, Potty all the time, Potty all the time..."

Seriously... that Eddie Murphy song ("Party all the Time") will not stop going through my head. Probably b/c Adam ADORES the potty!

It's true... Adam seriously loves using the potty. The thing is, Steven and I want to wait a bit longer to potty train him. I know he's ready (he always tell us when he's about to go "poo" -- and runs in his playhouse to do so) but well... um, we're not. I want to read more about the different ways to go about it and be able to devote a good amount of time to it. This is not the week to do so as Uncle Steven/Aunt Elizabeth/Uncle Joey will be in town (YAHOO!!!). Also, Adam is already going through some transitions at this time... Big Boy Bed and a Montessori change to 2 days a week now that I'm off work for the summer (yay!!!). So... we will hold off the "official" potty training for a few more weeks. That being said, when he asks to use the potty, we will let him (of course).

When he was at Grandma's House this week, he used the potty for the first time (2 days in a row). I finally got out the potty that had been sitting in my trunk (in the unopened box) for a few months and set it up. When Adam announced to us today, "I have to go poo, in the house", Steven asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he said "YES"! He almost immediately let out a little pee & poop (sorry if this is TMI!) on the SIDE of the potty. Sigh. Not bad for a beginner though, right?!? :) He loved sitting on it and kept getting up to see what he had done. He also took toilet paper off the roll and had a good time with that. It was quite the experience, as seen below:

He was SOOOO EXCITED and proud of himself!

We called Grandma right away and he said, "I made a Poo, Grandma"!:

We'll see how the next few weeks ago before the official "training" begins. :) In the meantime, Operation Big Boy Bed is going very well. Adam loves his BBB now and crawls right into it. We still have to tell him stories about Patches (Steven) and sing him songs (me) until he falls asleep... as well as "hold his feet" (his new thing). However, he enjoys going to sleep again (he always says he's taking a nap, even at nighttime) and is (usually) sleeping through the night (big sigh of relief). So... progress is being made.

LOTS more to blog about... our visit with Bobbe & Zaide last weekend, our visit with Sarah on Thursday, and Adam's new room "decor".... will try to post again soon! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

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