Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since Thanksgiving is upon us (is it just me, or did November FLY by?!?), I think that it is appropriate that Adam has learned to "give thanks". Sometimes he'll say "Thank You, Mama" or "Thank You, Dada" but usually he'll just say "Thanks". And he says it in a completely serious, grown-up voice, right on cue. It is hysterical. I'll hand him something and he'll go "Thanks" very casually, like he's 25 y.o. You have to actually hear him to understand how truly funny he sounds/is.

Adam wasn't saying "Thanks", however, at the grocery store this morning. When the cashier took away the electronic pen he was playing with, he stuck out his lip in the biggest (and cutest) pout you've ever seen. Of course, if *I* had taken the pen away, he would've started yelling and screaming. But since it was a stranger that took it away, he kept his cool... well, except for the poutm if course. This one random lady wanted to take a picture of him... he was *that* cute (unintentionally, of course)!

Grandma left for Florida this morning. Adam was so excited to play with her before she left on her trip. Here they are playing "See Saw" before we took her to the airport:

Adam absolutely adores Grandma. He always asks to "See Grandma" when we are at the computer (he loves looking at her pictures on the screen). We will definitely miss spending Thanksgiving with Grandma (and Bubbe & Zayde and all our Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins this year)! However, Adam is very excited (we all are!) about spending the day with Cousin Claire and other members of the R'sky clan!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!