Thursday, November 20, 2008

LL's first infection :o(

Little Love has two little "pocks" (they look like whiteheads) -- one on his wrist and one on his thigh. Long story short... took him to the Dr. and he has strep or, more likely, staph. Just that word freaks me out. Adam has never had more than a runny nose in over 19 months and now he probably has a f'ing staph infection. I'm so upset. He's on antibiotics -- which he hates -- and the Dr. said we should see improvement in a day or two. If not, he needs to go back in. Of course, there is always the fear that it's MRSA -- the type of staph that is very difficult to treat. The Dr. took a culture and we'll find out on Monday what it is. We have no idea how he got this... maybe school? Or he was scratchng his exzema patch on his leg? Who knows. At least he's very happy... it doesn't seem to be bothering him in the least. I'm just hoping it clears up asap so we can put this behind us. Poor Litte Love.

In other upsetting news... I hit a deer the other night. So traumatizing. The deer didn't go through the windshield, at least. Over $3 grand in damages -- good thing we have great car insurance so we only have to pay a $250 deductible. And, thank G-d, neither Adam or I were hurt in the collision.

I try not to post about upsetting things but I'm really feeling the stress. I'm glad the weekend is almost upon us so we can all -- hopefully -- rest and relax.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

I hope his spots go away fast and are just something simple to treat. And deer? They scare the bejeezus out of me!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you are both okay!!! How scary!

I hope Adam's pocks are nothing serious. The fact that he's never been sick shows what a great job you are doing!

And Baby Makes Three said...

Poor little man...hope it clears up quickly!! WOW...a deer??? So glad you are both ok!