Friday, November 28, 2008

Adam is out of his teenage months!

That's right... Little Love turned 20 months today. Wow. I'm in a bit of denial so I think I'll wait until tomorrow to write more. However, I will say that Adam's favorite word at the moment is "NO" (As in -- Mama: "Adam, would you like to have a cracker? Adam -- NO!!!). Yep, he's definitely 20 months old now!!!

One more thing... You know all the wonderful Thanksgiving pics I was going to post today?!? Not going to happen since I accidentally deleted them all from my camera after I transferred them to my Shutterfly account! Grr! Those of you who would like to see the pictures, e-mail or leave a comment, and I'll send you a link to the Shutterfly account. I have the cutest pics of Adam & Cousin Claire together!

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Beth and Melinda said...

Oh no--you can probably slick and save them to your desktop then post them to the blog?!