Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun at the At Play Cafe

A new "play cafe" opened up (relatively) near us about six months ago. It is wonderful! They have two play areas for the kids and a cute little cafe with very kid-friendly food and prices. Yesterday I met up with some wonderful friends there and we all had such a nice time. Here are some pics of Adam & his pals playing:

Popping out of the firehouse... about to go down the big slide (LL's favorite)!

Adam playing with his favorite, blocks

Adam loved this baseball hoop -- mainly playing in it, though!

Adam and Nathan playing with the dinosaurs

Kid line-up! Tomas, Addie, and Adam eating chicken quesadillas & applesauce. Yum!

Addie & Adam after they "high 5ed". I think Adam has a litle crush on Addie since he blushed, giggled, and turned away every time their hands touched. Awww.

We also had a delightful surprise visit from Liz and her one-week-old newborn, Andrew. I have never seen a woman look so good 7 days after giving birth!
Introducing Adorable Andrew!

Andrew's big sis, Amazing Asha!

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