Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dr. visit, Aunt Christioli, School & other LL updates...

It has been quite busy over here with Little Love! Here's what's been going on...

Doctor Visit:
Adam finally had his 18 month check-up (5 weeks late!!!). The Doctor was very pleased with his "overall growth & development". He weighs about 23.5 lbs (around the 15th%ile -- the Dr. was thrilled -- seriously!), is about 33 inches long (50th %ile) and his head is also in the 50th%ile. The Dr. says he speaks like a 2.5 year old since he knows over 150 words and is saying 2-3 word phrases now. Motor skills are right on target, too. Needless to say, I was very relieved with this report since I get (unnecessarily) anxious before his check-ups. He still has a little fluid in his ears but it's clearing up. Just to be on the safe side (since he stills pulls on his ear a bit and is still shaking his head sometimes -- for no apparent reason), we are going to put him back on Allegra until "the first freeze" since he may have some allergies. All in all, a good visit, Thank G-d!!! :-)

School Talk:
We *think* Adam has gotten over his rough patch at school. For the past few weeks, LL has been unhappy at "work", as he calls it. Miss Annie reports that he had been up & down all day, quite clingy, teary and much quieter than usual. Also, when I would pick him up he kinda seemed out of it (probably tired since he doesn't nap much there). Steven and I were getting *very* concerned especially since he's 100% himself when he's not at school. Fortunately, he finally had a good week at school last week. Never had I felt so joyful to see the words "happy" and "chatty" circled on his daily report (instead of "tired" and "teary". Ugh). We are keeping our fingers crossed that LL will continue to have good days at school.

Visit with Aunt Christioli:
Aunt Christy came for a visit this weekend! We were all so happy to see her, especially Adam. Of course, it did't hurt that she arrived with gifts (an awesome car race track & crayons -- Adam loved both!). Aunt Christy and I have been the best of friends since our college days. As a mother of 3 adorable children (including 3 yr. old twin boys!!!) she is amazing with Adam. Boy, does he listen to her! She is truly a SuperMama!!! We're so glad that we were able to spend 4 days with her. Come back soon, Aunt Christiolialaschmala!!!

Adam, about to fall asleep, on Aunt Christioli... he really loved her.

We also attended family brunch with some friends from my Mom's group on Saturday, which was delightful.
Reading with Tomas and Tomas' Dad, Paul

Adam surveying the scene at the family brunch.

Adam with his new vaccum... thanks to Tomas' Uncle for the great hand-me-down! :)

Grandma bought Adam these adorable pajamas since they have "doggy" on them:
LL actually posed for this picture! Look at that laugh!

Reading with Doggy in Doggy Pajamas... what could be better?!? :-)

Have a great week, everyone!

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Amanda said...

Awwww, what sweet pics. I'm glad that school is going better!