Thursday, May 29, 2008

14 months ago, yesterday

14 months ago (yesterday) Adam was born. Not to be all chiche-ish, but it just keeps getting better & better. He is such a love. He is also hysterically funny. Just looking at these photos above cracks me up. He has so many different expressions... the last photo is priceless, his look of pure joy as he finds yet another carpet fuzz. Which he clamped in his hand and then hid behind the drapes so I wouldn't retrieve it from his precious hands before it landed in his mouth (I was too fast for him, though!).

Seriously though, HE IS SUCH A JOY!!! Always smiling, exploring, playing, etc. He is also repeating everything... his current favorite being "Bye Bye". I usually say "love you" when getting off the phone so now when he hears that phrase he'll say "Bye Bye" before I do! He's also saying: balloon, ball, chicken, up, bathroom, duck, mama, dada and he signs for "more" when eating. The only "issue" that we're still facing is his eating. LL is just not a big eater (unlike his parents). He's also extremely active. The combo makes it tough for him to pack on the pounds. I really do try not to stress over it too much. Really. I did buy a whole bunch of new organic food items at "Bloom" tonight... ravioli, macaroni with meat sauce, ingredients to make bean/cheese enchildadas, etc. Let's hope some of these foods are a hit.

Lots more to write but too tired to do so tonight. So I will leave you with one final photo that was taken at the Merrill's home on Sunday. I have to say, the kid's a natural...

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namaste said...

It's clear from the pictures that he has TONS of personality and seems like such a happy kid! Isn't this just the greatest time? :)