Thursday, May 15, 2008

LL's New Favorites...

Now that Adam is 13.5 months old and is an official TODDLER he has some new favorites:

a. Fisher-Price Little People school bus ride-on toy. Except he doesn't like to ride on it, he likes to push it around and press the buttons to hear the horn and song ("Stop and go. Stop and go(?). Off to school like the big kids go"... the song is STILL in my head, hours later). He especially loves playing with it on the deck -- we spent hours out there today (see photo). He also likes to put toys in the little storage seat.

b. Strawberries. LOVES LOVES LOVES them.

c. Sippy Cups... to drink now. He's kinda obsessed with them, actually. If he has a cup on his tray, he will not eat. He will only drink from the cup. It's becoming sort of an issue. I have to hide the sippy cup until he's done eating so he'll actually eat!

d. The word "NO". Seriously, he gives you the biggest grin EVER when you say "No, Adam". So now we are using new phrases such as "STOP" (in a very firm voice -- no matter how cute his grin is when we say it)!!!

e. Pointing. I was so worried that he would never point 2 months ago and that's all he does now. He points to things he wants, to things he sees.... points to everything, all day long. When he wants me, he points. I'm trying to get him to say "Mama" instead but the kid loves to point.

d. His shoes. Adam has two pairs of shoes and tries to put them on himself. He almost does it, too. He also likes his new sun hat... thought it was very funny to wear it today.

e. New books... his new favorites are "That's Not My Puppy" (thanks, Grandma, great find!),"The Nose Book" and "He Bear, She Bear" which are adorable little board books. He also loves his "musical" books... the ones where you press a button and hear a song. Aunt Linda and Cousin Claire bought him two great ones.

f. Walking into rooms that are usually not accessible (e.g. closed doors) to him. Whenever the laundry room, bathroom, etc. is "open", Adam gets very excited and walks into the "new" room with a big grin. He especially loves playing with the toilet paper roll! Time to get that child-proofed! He even has his own drawer in the kitchen with measuring cups and bowls that he loves to get into.

g. Dogs barking. Seriously. LL laughs every time he hears a dog bark. He just *adores* dogs... both real and stuffed (he still takes both doggys out of his crib with him every morning... so sweet).

h. Stairs. Adam loves to climb up the stairs. I have a feeling he may begin to climb on *everything* in the coming months. He tried to run today but fell flat on his face (literally). :(

i. Carpet Fuzz (really)... an old favorite, actually. Adam is very good at playing independently with his toys & books (usually). He is a huge babbler so I *know* there's trouble when he gets quiet. Sure enough, it's usually when he finds a carpet fuzz. He'll cup it into his hand and look at me with this very sneaky grin (it's priceless). When I unfist his hand to take out the fuzz (before he eats it), he screams *bloody murder*. I'm talking total meltdown. Over a CARPET FUZZ. He's usually pretty laid back, too. Go figure.

Adam is into *EVERYTHING* these days (some things never change!). We really have to watch him like a hawk as he is still our "human vacuum cleaner"! He is *very* independent and loves to explore. Every day with him is truly an adventure (hence the title of the blog) and we look forward to spending each and every day with our Little Love.

P.S. Is it just me or does Adam look like a "big boy" in this photo? My baby is growing up!!! He looks a bit "thicker" as Steven said and hopefully a little taller, too!


McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh my! My kids LOVE strawberries. And they LOVE their shoes - get "crocs" (or the Wal-Mart or Payless version). They can put them on themselves and "choose" which shoes they will wear!

And did I mention they love strawberries? :)


Getz Gang said...

did you cut his hair? He looks 2 years old!!! Please hide a key on that porch!! We had a good weekend. Check out the blog for pics! Call me tomorrow!