Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Baa Baa Bedtime!

We have been reading Adam "Baa Baa Bedtime" before bed (followed by "Goodnight Moon") for six months now. He has always loved this book... loves pointing to the sheep (and the red phone) and alternates between sitting quietly and babbling during the book. When he was younger, he would grin the biggest smile ever whenever Steven would take the book out from under the chair. Steven is the "narrator" voice and I'm always the voice of Mama, natch. This was the first book Adam turned the pages to, months ago. You should see the condition the book is in now as a result!

Anyway, tonight when we were reading the book, Adam was absolutely silent. Except for the part, in the middle, when Mama (sheep) said "It's..." and Adam started saying "BA BA BA BA BA"... we couldn't believe it as the line goes "It's BA BA BEDTIME!". We thought it was just a coincidence except he did it AGAIN at the end of the book when Mama (sheep) said "It's..." and again Adam said "BA BA BA BA BA" all excitedly. It was amazing and a nice reward for having read that book over 200 times in the last six months! Just when we thought he was tired of it! :)

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