Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yet another favorite... fountains!

We had a very busy weekend! Yesterday we took Adam to a local Arts Festival. Before our LL came along, Steven and I used to travel near & far to visit art shows. We thought it was time to get Adam in on the action! :)

He didn't seem that interested in the art, what a shocker, huh?!? He did, however, LOVE the big fountains! I'm talking LOVE. There were two huge fountains and he could not get enough of them. He literally walked over a block, fast, to get to the second fountain and then crawled up the steps to the water all by himself. He then just stood, watching the water and clapping. It was beyond adorable... we must have stayed at the 2nd fountain for over 20 minutes!

After the Arts Festival, we headed to the nearby Barnes & Noble so Adam could play with the trains (with the big kids). He then managed to knock down an entire row of books... with a big smile on his face! The kid loves books, what can I say?

Today Adam went on two long walks with Dada and Grandma. Afterwards, Grandma cooked a delicious dinner and LL had fish (tilapia) and cantaloupe for the first time and loved them both. It was so wonderful having Grandma over. Adam just adores her and whenever she leaves the room, he points to her (back) and follows her. It's so sweet to see the bond that they have. Just wish my Dad was here, too, of course. Hopefully he's laughing and clapping his hands on the table with LL from "up above"...

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