Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 5 Years!

Steven and I celebrated our 5th anniversary today. We spent the weekend in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, to celebrate. They are famous for their medicinal cool springs as well as for being a funky little art town. We stayed at a lovely inn that was built in 1815. We splurged and stayed in the King suite, complete with a sitting room. It was so peaceful with the yellow floral wallpaper and old-fashioned paintings. Steven couldn't stop talking about the carpeted bathroom, which he had never seen before. :) Here is an outside view of The Country Inn, where we stayed:

We celebrated our anniversary dinner (one night before) at a fabulous art gallery/restaurant and afterwards we toasted five years at a very chic wine bar. It was so nice to snuggle on the couches, sip wine, and just relax. This morning, after a visit to the spa, we ate brunch at a restaurant overlooking this mountain view... simply breathtaking. You can see the Potomac River as well as 3 states (WV, MD, and PA) from the view:

In the afternoon, we just walked to all the little stores and, of course, "took in the waters", as the locals say, in the original Roman Baths... the baths that George Washington bathed in! Seriously! As you can see from these photos, it wasn't too glamourous... but definitely an interesting experience! Also, the last photo shows the bath after it was drained... obviously it was filled with water when we went in. You have your own private Roman bath and the water is hot... 102 F!

We were only in Berkeley Springs for 24 hours but it seemed like 3 days! We missed Adam (a lot!) but he was in great hands, of course, with Grandma. He was sooo excited when we returned... running around the room and shrieking with joy. Priceless. It was a wonderful anniversary weekend reminiscent of the little trips that we took when we were dating and first married. As much as we enjoyed ourselves this weekend, we were just as happy to return home and see LL and Mom/Grandma. We are so very blessed.

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