Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby, you can ride my car...

Last Friday (over a week ago -- sorry for the delay!) we took a trip to Clemyjontri Park (try saying that 3x fast!). We went with Molly and Adam's girlfriend, Riley (they really are so cute together... see photo above). It is a wonderful park and playground which Adam will LOVE when he gets a bit older. Right now, he was more interested in picking up the sticks in the grass (such a boy). It was also REALLY hot that day. We still had a lot of fun, of course, especially in the HUGE swings (see last photo... look how big his feet are!?!). The kids instantly fell asleep in the car after the park and Molly and I had a relaxing lunch together. Have I mentioned recently how happy I am that Molly and I are neighbors (well, we live a few miles away, but close enough)? :)

TALKING UPDATE: Adam now says "Duck" when he walks into his bathroom (he has a large ducky bathtub and the bathroom is decorated with ducks). He has also started to "quack quack" again when you ask him what a ducky says. The kid loves animals!

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