Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome home, Uncle Joey & Aunt Hillary!!!

After 4.5 months of travelling the world (Fiji, Thailand, India, Germany, Israel, Italy... and at least 3 more countries that I'm too tired to remember), Uncle Joey and (future)Aunt Hillary have returned to the good US of A! We're so glad that they'll be in VA for a week... yay! We had a great time with them this evening, hearing all about their stay in Fiji (the plan is to hear about 1-2 countries a night, Joey's idea!). They look FANTASTIC... my little brother is the only person I know to travel the world and come back 20 pounds lighter (I can't believe we're related, based on that alone)! We all LOVE Uncle Joey and Aunt Hillary... welcome home and thanks for the wonderful presents... especially the adorable Thai outfit for Adam!!!

p.s. Sorry about the lousy photos... I'll (try) to take better ones tomorrow! You can see in the first photo that Adam is looking at Joey and thinking... "Hmm, you look a little like my mama!"

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