Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Word Explosion... Etc.

Can't believe it's already July! Wow! Ever since Adam has started walking (he's now running!), time has flown by even faster than usual. Our baby is definitely becoming a toddler which brings much happiness... and a wave of nostalgia, too.

As noted in a recent post, Adam has recently had a "word explosion". He seems to be learning a new word or two every day. It's so cool. I absolutely *love* to hear him talk!

Some new words:

- truck (well, not new, but now he says it *every time* he sees a truck on the road)
- hot (usually says it when I wash his hands... even if the water is cold!)
-water (today he actually pointed to the cup and said "water")
-light (except it sounds like "ite")
-phone (maybe???)

He also says "duck" and "mom" but he is not referring to the animal or me (he definitely knows those words in their correct context). So we're not sure what he's trying to say when he does that.

He's also trying to say a few other things in true make-up babble talk which I don't understand. It's cute, though... if he babbles something and then I tell him what the object actually is, he smiles (it looks like a lightbulb going off, seriously) and repeats the word.

Another breakthrough... Adam used his fork by himself at dinner tonight when eating mac & cheese. He actually pierced a noodle and put it in his mouth! Yay, Adam! He tried doing it about 10 times and was only successful about 3 times but it's a start.

LL is also into throwing *everything*. He finds throwing to be great fun. Steven and I were a little concerned if this was "normal" behavior and it seems to be. However, the article we looked at states that toddlers usually don't start throwing until 18 months old, at the earliest. Adam has been throwing since 10 months. The article said not to discourage throwing since it truly is joyful for toddlers, especially curious ones, like Adam (they like to see where the thrown object lands)and to buy soft balls that are good for throwing. This is good to know.

Unfortunately, the article did not address what to do when a toddler (not mentioning any names here) likes to throw objects over the deck onto the neighbor's lawn, causing Mama or Dada to run down 2 flights of stairs to get it. :)

Here's Adam in one of his "quieter" moments... playing peek-a-boo whic is still his absolute favorite game... especially when he gets to hide behind the curtains. He still giggles hysterically whenever you say "Where's Adam"? Too bad his name isn't "Waldo" (am I showing my age here?!?)! :)


McTriplet Mommy said...

Heehee - I loved the labels for this post! "Eating, throwing, talking" Crack me up!

What a big boy! :)

Take care,

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Bailey loves throwing too. We started out trying to let her throw "soft toys" only but realized she didn't understand that at all... so it has changed to "We only throw balls" which I think she is starting to understand.