Sunday, July 20, 2008

hot, hot, hot

Today when Steven took Adam outside on the deck to play, Adam took one step out and declared "HOT" and walked right back into the house (Side note: LL is the funniest person I've ever met and he's only 1). Anyway, he was right... it felt like it was 100 degrees out today... way too hot!

Since it has been so hot out, we've been enjoying lots of water activities. We've gone swimming several times as Adam loves the "baby pool"... especially dumping water from a bucket. LL also enjoys sprinklers and loves to run through the neighbor's sprinkler across the lawn. He gets very excited whenever he sees "wata" whether the water is in a cup, a fountain, or a pool. Definitely a water baby.

Adam is continuing to talk up a storm... he knows about 30 - 40 words now. Adam's "words of the week" are hot and wata (water). He says these words all the time. Whenever it is hot outside or when he's eating a food that is not cold, he'll say "hot hot hot". Other current favorite words are Barney (as in the purple dinosaur), Bubbles (he is infatuated with bubbles), apple (his new favorite fruit), tree, truck, shoes and, of course, doggu (for doggie), baba (bottle), dada & mama. These are the words we hear on a daily basis. He is also beginning to say some two word phrases -- such as "Mama, up" (as in "Mama, pick me up before I scream") or "Mama, baba" (as in "Hand me my bottle, woman"). I love it.

Here are some photos from our fun swim playdate/family BBQ at Tomas's house... including the photo of Adam pouring water over Benjamin's head (sorry, Ben!):

Thanks, Tomas, for being such a great host!!! (Yes, that is Tomas in the photo below, not Adam... Isn't he a cutie?)

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