Thursday, July 31, 2008

Note from Adam...

Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you so much for remembering my Mama's birthday today! She was so thankful for all the phone calls, cards (you know how much Mama loves cards!) and e-mails. We both loved Jake, Evan and Zach's "cha cha cha b-day song" as well as Emma, Graham and Charlie's birthday song edition. :) Mama apologizes for not responding to everyone... I kept her pretty busy today!

Special thanks to Dada for buying Mama the balloons that *I* just LOVE and to Uncle Steven & Aunt Elizabeth for the gorgeous flowers. And, of course, to Grandma for spending the day with us & taking Mama out to dinner. It made both us of us so happy.


P.S. Sorry, Mama, Dada & Grandma, for causing such a scene at the nice Italian Restaurant when you wouldn't give me your glasses of water since I already had my own sippy cup. I know you were doing it for my own good. :)
p.s. Here is a picture of me with one of my block towers. I just love these Mega Blocks... it keeps me entertained for a long time. Mama loves them, too, for that reason alone. I wonder why?!?

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Getz Gang said...

oh my ga!!! I loove his crocs!!Happy Birthday Bethioliala!