Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's in a Name?

To quote our favorite new Sesame Street character, Azeebo, from "Panwapa" (google it if you're interested!), "what's in a name"?

You may have noticed, detail-oriented readers, that the blog title has changed from "Adventures in Adam Land" to the new & improved name "All About Adam". It's shorter and gets right to the point. Like it? By the way, the blog address is THE SAME so no worries on finding the blog.

Hmm. Could it be more obvious that we are first-time parents who are absolutely infatuated with their child?!? In our defense, he really IS cute. And funny. Not that we're biased. I bet even Adam's grandparents would agree. :o)

As always, thanks for reading about the adventures of our Little Love...

Photo taken last month at "Ruth Chris Steakhouse" (yum!) in Destin, FL

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Getz Gang said...

He is adorable..I love the curls! Hope all is well...when are you coming?