Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100th Post (well, almost)!

I apologize for being a blog slacker the past week. Our computer crashed earlier in the week. Fortunately, the computer guy was able to save all my photos. Unfortunately, it cost almost $300 to fix! Ugh. Then, after our computer was finally back up and running, I spilled water on the laptop and broke the mouse. Except we didn't know that the mouse was broken and we thought the computer broke down again. Fortunately, we figured it out and only had to spend 15 bucks for a new mouse.

Anyway.... this is almost my 100th post! Incredible! It's funny... a lot of people (mainly people who do not have children) wonder how I can create a whole blog about a one year old. As you can see, it's not that difficult to do. Especially when your child is so entertaining (this coming from a neutral source, of course). :)

Yesterday, LL turned 16 months old! He celebrated it by learning some more words: "yucky!" (mainly used when he sees bird doodoo), "bye doggy" (a new phrase), button (as in, let me push the button!), "funny!" (says it when we're laughing) and "you're welcome". It is the cutest thing, hearing him talk. However, unless you're mama or dada, you probably won't actually hear him talking... he's relatively quiet unless he's with us.

Adam finally had his 15 month appt on Friday, almost one month late. This is due to the fact that our amazing doctor, Dr. F, is so unbelievably popular. Anyway, we were assured that it was fine waiting to go in for the appt a few weeks late. Dr. F was really happy with his measurements... weight: 22 lbs (about 12%ile -- better than the 6%ile during his 12 month appt), height: 31.25 inches (almost 50th %ile, up from the 30th %ile a few months ago) and head circumference was 18.5 inches, I believe (almost the 50th percentile - up from his usual 25th %ile). Dr. F was very impressed with Adam's vocabulary... said his vocab. mirrors a 2 year old!

Can you tell he's grown taller?

Lots more to write about but too tired to do so... will try to update more tomorrow. For now, I'll leave you with these pics of Adam trying on his new shades... which, by the way, didn't last for more than 30 seconds on his face. Sorry for the quality of the photos... also had some camera issues this week!

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Getz Gang said...

congrats on a great doctors visit!! What a big boy! He is so smart! Must get that from his aunt christioloi!