Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our Little (& Amazing) Motormouth

Adam is continuing to talk up a storm which we love, love, love. He is babbling less and using real words more. He definitely can communicate his needs now and he can tell us what he wants(his favorite words are definitely "mama", "dada", "water", "up", "baba", "bus", "Barney", "doggy", "uh oh", and "bubbles"). I put stars by the words we hear ate least once a day:

* button (loves to push the garage door button, doorbells, elevator buttons, etc.)
* funny! (when people are laughing, he says it. It's a riot!)
- booger (yes, as in boogers in his nose. Kinda gross)
- down
- cup
* blocks
* Barney (As in the purple dinosaur on TV. He's obsessed. Seriously.)
* shoes
* yucky or yuck (implies to things on the ground that he shouldn't pick up. But still does. Ugh.)
* hot
- apple
- hat
* tree
* outside
- house (in "Goodnight Moon")
* burp
- frog
- grass
- all done
- books
- cheese
- Mickey (as in Mouse)
- bee
- banana (sounds like "bana")
- balloon
* stuck (if something is stuck)
* open it (probably his favorite thing to say. BTW, he gets VERY frustrated when things don't open!)
- moon
* pen
- floss (yes, as in dental floss... he sees it on the nightstand and loves the box)
* clock (sounds like "ock")
- bib
- sticks (for music sticks)
- much (as in "I love you SO "much")
- bunny
- kick
* cream (diaper cream)
-- Ada (for Adam -- when he saw a more recent photo of self and mirror). However, he stills calls himself "baby" most of the time.

Adam also loves to sing and can "fill in (some of) the words" to some songs:
-- Baa Baa Black Sheep (says "master" and "ba ba"
-- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (says "up above", "diamond (so cute)" and "twinkle, twinkle")
-- ABC song (sings some letters, his favorite being "x" as well as "Next Time" and "me")
-- Pop Goes the Weasel (sings "Pop Goes the Weasel". Literally.)
-- 5 Little Monkeys (sings "No more monkeys" and "three")
-- You are my Sunshine (sings "sunshine" or some version of the word!)

Adam also says a few phrases, such as "mama, up" and "bye, doggie" and, of course, "Open It!"

A rare quiet moment:

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