Monday, January 19, 2009

The Terrible Twos (2 months early...)

So, Little Love has officially entered "The Terrible Twos". Except he's not 2 yet... not until March 28. Can someone tell him that, please? Here are some highlights:

a. Full-on Temper Tantrums. Several times a day. We're talking kicking legs, pounding arms, a head slam thrown in for good measure, etc. Lovely.

b. Refusal to take a nap. This was only today. G-d, lets hope it stays that way.

c. Wanting to do *everything* himself. Which means mac & cheese that has left his fork all over the just-mopped floor.

d. The lovely mood swings... much more irritable than usual... but the moodiness does not last long, thank goodness!

e. Coloring all over the walls. Yes, I made the mistake of leaving Adam with a box of Crayola Crayons to find 3 walls scribbled on, minutes later.

It's a good thing that Little Love has such an adorable little grin & giggle and is so friggin' cute...
Playing Legos (new favorite toy) with Zayde
Breakdancin'... the dance for the new generation
Riding his first bike at the Play Cafe

* Adam would like to send a special SHOUT-OUT to UNCLE STEVEN for mentioning this blog on his Facebook page where he has almost 800 friends (how can you have that many friends, Uncle Steven?!?). Adam misses his Uncle Steven VERY MUCH and can't wait to see him again... even though Uncle Steven tried to eat his Croc in Palm Springs :)!!!*

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McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh, Beth... I'm sorry to say the "terrible threes" were way worse than the terrible twos here.... :)

Take care,