Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Current Routine & Our Future Tennis Star - CA Vacation, Part 4 -- the final part! (LOTS OF PICS AT THE END!)

Once again, I apologize for the lapse between posts. I haven't even taken a new picture since we've been back from CA... 2 weeks ago! I think it's the longest I've ever gone without a LL photo. Well, there will be a big photo shoot this weekend since Bobbe & Zayde will be in town. YAY! We are so very excited to see them!

Not too much news to report... just been busy, as usual, with my "double life"... Full-time Mama half the week and FT Mama/PT school counselor the other half of the week... if that makes any sense, which I'm sure it doesn't.

On the days I work (M, W, Fr) I'm completely absorbed in my job (which, fortunately, I love) and I don't see LL from 7am - 5pm most days (who I miss terribly, of course, during the day). Then again I'm so busy most of the day that I don't really have time to dwell on it... which is a good thing. Anyway, I have to switch gears really quickly when I pick LL up. We are BOTH usually tired, cranky and hungry at the end of the day!

Steven doesn't get home until 7:30 most days (GRRR) but it's wonderful when he does (finally!) get home. We all hang out, bathe Adam (he's loving his bath these days), read books and "lay down" (as Adam directs us to do!) together before putting Adam to bed each night around 8. It's a great way to end the day. :)

On days that I don't work (T, Th), the routine is so different. Adam & I lounge around until around 9ish and then we do some type of activity (usually playgroup on Tuesday AMs and some sort of class on Thursday mornings. I can't decide between an art class or a gym-type class for Jan./Feb.). After the morning activity, we drive home (listening to Barney, of course) and have lunch. Then it's nap time... Adam sleeps a good 3 hours most days at home (he only sleeps 1.5 hours at Montessori). After nap time (usually around 4) we either hang out and play, run errands or do an afternoon activity such as a playdate or to to the Play Cafe. I never (well, rarely) think of work on T and Th... I'm just a typical "SAHM"... which I love. Weekends are great... the best, of course... family time and lots of R & R. So, that's our routine these days... until late June when I'll be a Full-time SAHM for 2 months! Aaahh... the benefits of working at a school... summers off! Since I've always worked for the schools (first as a teacher, now as a counselor), I can't even imagine NOT having summers off! Believe me... I know I'm lucky!

Now, for those of you who come just for the photos (I know who you are!), here are quite a few from our CA trip of Adam... playing tennis! He was a natural -- really. My mom is so excited since we are a *huge* tennis family (both my brothers were state semifinalists when they were in high school!). My mom plans on buying Adam his own toddler racquet... he's actually holding one of Uncle Steven's in these photos. I have to say that the kid already has a decent forehand and backhand. Now if we can just get him to serve the ball correctly... :o). Anyway, hope you enjoy these pics. Even though the quality isn't great (it was nearly dusk when I took them), these are some of my favorites from our CA trip...

Adam, learning the rules of the game, from former pro Uncle Steven

More shots of the Future Tennis Star:

Helping Grandma pick up balls

Then again, Adam's favorite part of the day was playing with the water cooler. Maybe being a "Water Boy" is more in the kid's future. Hey, as long as he's happy, I'm happy! :):

Showing Popcorn the moon :o)

One last note... Adam has learned some basic shapes (triangle, square and circle) but is still struggling with his colors. One moment everything is blue... usually everything is green. I'm sure it will eventually click, right?!?


McTriplet Mommy said...

The next Andre Agassi!

LL is SO cute!! What a doll!! :)

Take care,

namaste said...

Wow, I am always amazed by what Adam is doing or saying - he is way ahead of the game! (ha!)

Um, colors and shapes? We're still working on words in English. :)