Thursday, January 8, 2009

Never a dull moment & CA Vacation - Pt. 3

So, guess who locked himself in his room this morning?!? That's right... Little Love. He was happily reading his new favorite book to himself ("Pet-A-Zoo", I think it's called) while I walked 20 steps away into my bedroom to (quickly) get dressed. 3 minutes later I go to his room and open the door... that wouldn't open. He locked himself in! OMG! I totally panicked and called 911 immediately. Then Adam started crying "Mama -- open" and I calmed him down by telling him to find the "doggies" in the book. A minute later he was back at the door, crying for me. I told him to turn the doorknob and, miraculously, he did! Thank G-d! I was so relieved that he unlocked the door and I was able to reach 911 before they came. His room is completely baby-proofed, but still. I totally panicked. Not a good moment... but a typical B.E. one, I have to say. In April, I managed to lock both Adam and myself out on the deck (that was fun. I had to scream "Help" from my deck -- no joke -- and we were rescued by the fire dept. I had to go down the ladder!!!). I also managed to lock Adam in the car that month (once again, 911 to the rescue) and I locked all 3 of us out of the house and had to get a locksmith (only to find the keys in my diaper bag a few hours later. Oops). Mother of the Year, right?!? :)

Anyway... here are some more photos from the CA trip... photos of Adam with Uncle Steven/Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Joey/(soon-to-be) Aunt Hillary. I'm so glad we had a week together. I LOVED being with them... I truly have THE BEST BROTHERS (& Sister-in-Law, including Samantha too, of course!!!). Here are some candid photos from the trip:

Adam, sporting a new hair 'do (just out of the bath!), trying to escape from Uncle Joey :o)

Adam, in awe of Aunt Hillary's beauty!

100th tickle of the day from Uncle Steven

Taking a stroll with Aunt Elizabeth


beth and melinda said...

sweet pictures
911--hmm--do they know you by now?? :)

Amanda said...

OMG, I would have freaked out too! Glad everything was ok!

Mommy07 said...

The blog backgrounds are from, they have a ton of free cute blog backgrounds =) You can just click on the spot in the upper left hand corner of my blog that says the name.

beth said...

call me--!!!!!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

That would have freaked me out!

And Baby Makes Three said...

I haven't been checking blogs in a while...Adam is getting so big and is so darn cute!!!! Note to myself...remove lock from Claire's bedroom door!! I would have freaked!!!