Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Hi, O-bama"

If you look carefully at the above picture, you can see President Obama right before he took his Oath this morning! Adam even waved to him and said "Hi, O-bama!". :)

It was a great Inauguration Day morning. Living just 30 miles from D.C., we could feel the excitement in the air. We went over to Michelle's to watch the big moment with her & Tomas. Pamela & Addie were there, too. Have I mentioned that Adam has a crush on Addie? It became apparent a few months ago when he blushed when she tried to "Give him Five". Today, he kept talking about seeing Addie and even tried to kiss her! As you can see below, the crush isn't being reciprocated by Addie. Oh well... can't hurt a guy from trying! ;o)

Addie telling Adam to "go away" after he tried to kiss her!

Adam moving on to an older gal (Michelle's daughter's friend, Rachel), a "cougar" as Michelle said!!! :o)

On a more serious note, I am truly excited about Obama becoming Commander of Chief today. Some interesting memories... a few years ago (2005, I believe) when I worked as a high school counselor, Obama's office was looking for some high school interns from around the country. I remember 2 of my students wanting to apply because they thought Obama was really young and, if I remember correctly, "cute". I also remember talking to my dad about the election when he was in the hospital, a few days before he passed away, in Oct. 2006. I asked him who he thought would run for President (this was 2 years before the election, of course) and he said "Hillary or that Obama guy & John McCain". Just wish he could've been around to see this day. He would've been *very* excited!

Adam, Steven & Addie bidding farewell to George

In other news, Adam has been enjoying his new kitchen! He actually has 2 of them... I found this one on Craig's List and then found another one that I liked better (again, through Craig's List). I hope to sell one of them (of course, on CL) this week.

Cooking Mama some eggs... hey, someone needs to cook around here!

Enjoying some tea

More pictures from our visit from Bobbe & Zayde tomorrow!


And Baby Makes Three said...

What a little stud he is...so cute trying to kiss the girls already...watch out Mommy!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Cougar- that made me laugh.

Gotta love Craigslist. We almost bought Teo a kitchen off CL, but opted to buy a new one when we didn't find one we liked on there.