Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adam's 1st "Official" SNOW DAY!!!

Finally! A 100% Genuine Snow Day! Yahoo!

In the almost 2 years (gasp) that Adam has been born, all we have experienced here in D.C. has been snow flurries! Very frustrating for a snow lover, like myself!

I remember Feb. 2007, about 6 weeks before Adam was born, there was a HUGE snow/ice storm. Of course it happened when I was on bed rest. As a school employee, trust me when I say, living for snow days is part of the job. I was so annoyed that the big snow storm came when I was on bed rest... not even working! Instead of loving the snow, I was terrified as I had many Dr. appts at the time! I do remember one lovely snow day, though, during that storm. My mom, Steven and I all cuddled up in Mom's king size bed (that she "loaned" to Steven and I during my bed rest & when Adam was born until our townhouse was built) watching "Gone With the Wind" with the snow falling outside. It was the first time Steven and I had seen the movie (Mom's favorite) and of course we loved it.

Anyhoo, back to the present... Adam finally got to have a snow day TODAY! At first, he was a bit skeptical and kept taking off his gloves so he could feel the snow. After a few minutes, though, he loved it and ran (fast) in the snow and had a snowball fight with Steven! It was really such a great day.... Steven took off work (roads are horrible in our neighborhood) so it was just wonderful spending the day together. :)


Beth and Melinda said...

Yea for snow days!!!

beth and Melinda said...
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E, SS and the Little Man said...

I second that! Snow days are the best.

Amanda said...

How fun!!!!

And Baby Makes Three said...

Darling pics!!! Looks like Adam enjoyed the snow more than Claire did!!!