Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family & Friends (& Photos) Galore :o)

This month has been full of visits from family & friends, which we LOVE!!! Adam is very social and loves playing with kids both big & small (he thinks he's 3... seriously!) and showing-off his singing voice (every guest gets to hear the ABC song, courtesy of Little Love). Here are some highlights from the past week:

Last weekend (was it really only 1 weekend okay?!?), Bobbe & Zayde came into town. We had a blast celebrating Bobbe's birthday (Adam still sings "Happy Birthday, Bobbe" every single day), building with Legos, eating lunch at Jackson's Mighty Fine Food & The Cheesecake Factory, playing at the Play Cafe and riding the carousel at the mall. Here's the evidence :)...

Building Lego Towers with Bobbe & Zayde (excuse "the red eye"... even with our advanced photo program, LL's beautiful green eyes are devil red... grr)

Giving Bobbe Five!

Strolling the mall with B & Z

Carousel ride with Bobbe

Riding the carousel with Zayde (he really did like it, despite his non-smile!

Getting a tickle from Zayde

Adam has sooo much fun with Bobbe & Zayde... can you tell?!?

Mesmerized by Zayde's story about Patches, the dog :)

"Happy Birthday, Bobbe! I love you SO much!"

On Thursday, Adam had a playdate with L and Sarah. Their mamas, Kerry & Rachel, are great friends so it's always such a treat when we can visit. We missed Lily & her mama, Angela... hope we can all meet up in February before L and Lily's BIG BROTHERS arrive!!!

Adam & L... they were born exactly one week apart... same hospital & same Doctor! (Unfortunately, the sun was shining a little too bright when I took these pics!)

Adam & Sarah... Adam's future girlfriend. Adam is about 9 months older which only seems like a big deal NOW. Isn't Sarah precious?!?

Adam & Sarah loved playing together... they were too busy playing to pose for pictures. Kids! :o)

Today, we had a VERY SPECIAL VISIT with Aunt Christioli!!! Aunt Christy, Uncle Travis, Charlie & Graham were in town from North Carolina (for a family visit with Travis's family) so we were able to spend the afternoon with them. It was so wonderful, even though the visit was WAY TOO SHORT. We also missed their daughter, Emma, who was visiting her grandmother in Wisconsin. Adam loved playing with the big boys (Charlie & Graham are almost 4!) and all the kids loved playing in Adam's "new house":

Adam showing off the new (sooo cute!) lunchbox that Aunt Christioli bought him

Charlie... how handsome is this little guy?!?

Graham... how adorable is he?!? They are both so smart & FUN, too... we just love them both!

Thanks, Uncle Travis, for helping put up the house!

Such a GREAT week! Hope everyone comes back to visit SOON! Our door (& windows -- HA HA) is always open!

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