Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big week ahead...for MAMA!

Big week ahead as I'm going back to work after a 1.5 year leave! I was an elementary school teacher for 4 years before heading back to grad school full-time for 2 years. After I received my Master's Degree in counseling & development 5 years ago, I began working as a high school counselor. I loved my job... the kids were *wonderful*, staff was great, etc. but the hours were long... sometimes up to 12hours a day! So, I've decided to go down a new path as an elementary school counselor. Technically, it is a "new job" since I've never worked as an ES Counselor before. However, I've worked as an ES teacher and a HS counselor. So I'm hoping the transition will be relatively smooth. I'll be working at a brand new school 3 days a week (perfect!). I got to meet the staff at the school retreat a few weeks ago and everyone seemed great. I also have been assigned a mentor, a veteran ES counselor, who I'll be meeting on Tuesday.

Adam will be starting school! That's right... we're starting him early! :) Actually he'll be going to the neighborhood Montessori School. They are opening a second school, also brand new, this year. It will be the first time they'll be having a 1 year old program. The school opens after Labor Day so he'll be with my mom until then. Besides two short trips when Adam stayed with Grandma or Bobbe/Zaide, he has never been away from me. Of course, he has spent loads of time alone with my mom and Steven, but besides that, I'm *always* there. The first word out of his mouth when he wakes up is "Mama" (which I, admittedly, love). He is very independent and has never been clingy. That being said, he always "looks" for me when he's playing, to make sure I'm there. Honestly, a little part of me feels like I'm "abandoning" him by going back to work part-time. I know this sound ridiculous and I know he'll love playing at Montessori all day. As we all know, Adam is very curious, social, etc. so I'm sure he'll be very happy. I'm also a little bit nervous b/c he's beginning to throw temper tantrums (screeching, throwing, etc. Fun Times!) which I know is common for his age. Still... he's such a wonderful, happy, little love -- I hope that his teachers see that. Most importantly, I hope he's really happy (and taken excellent care of!) in his new little school. And that he learns. A lot. Kidding! :)

Any advice from you working mamas out there?!?

Enough about me... we've had a fun week here, despite Adam having a cold. Here are some photos taken this past week...

Adam in all his glory. The belly picture is for you, Aunt Christioli! Oh, mess in the back is courtesy of Adam. He still LOVES throwing his laundry around. Ugh. The wet spots are from leaking water in the sippy cup... in case you were thinking it was something else. Don't worry... we took off the shorts right after the photo was snapped.

Adam loves playing on the deck. He is saying "Uh Oh" in this photo as he drops a block down. That's our boy.

Don't let that innocent smile fool you. Love the shirt, by the way, Uncle Joey!

Adam & Dada blowing bubbles. It's hard to tell who enjoyed it more.

Catching a bubble!


Getz Gang said...

Please tell me you are going to get the picture of him with the bubble blown up...print it in black and white and big! It's gorgeous! Good luck in the real world..I'm secretly jealous!

Tanya said...

I just returned to work... TODAY. I cried. That being said it wasn't that bad after I got to work. It really feels like I haven't been gone.

Amanda said...

The bubble pic is gorgeous. He is so cute!

Good luck going back to work! It's awesome that you've gotten to be off for so long with Adam, and it sounds like a great job you are going back to.

namaste said...

Going back to work was very hard but made much easier by the people I was leaving my son with - very nurturing and caring. Danny was much younger than Adam at the time, but I think in our case that daycare was a very good thing for him. To be perfectly honest, I think he got more of what he needed than he would have from just me by myself - lots of staff to love on him, other babies to watch and learn from, fun activities, etc. He LOVES going to daycare. And I liked being back to work for a number of selfish reasons.

It sounds like such good news for you - an exciting new job and Montessori for Adam. :)