Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Adam's Top 10

Here are Adam's Top 10 Favorite Things (of this week, at least), in completely random order:

1. Doggies. Dogs have topped Adam's favorites list for months now. He really is so crazy about dogs, though... all dogs. He *loves* books about dogs, dog stuffed animals, etc. After mama, dada and water, we hear the word "doggy" most during the day.

2. Barney. Yes, our child loves Barney, the purple dinosaur. Steven still refuses to admit this and thinks Barney is the most annoying talking animal ever. :) We let Adam watch 10 minutes of Barney every day and he is enamored. Every time he sees the remote control he picks it up and says "Barney". Every time. He also cries for Barney when we turn the TV off. He is also know to stand up and clap to the Barney songs.

3. Dirt, mulch, sticks, rocks.... our boy is definitely a boy. Adam seriously LOVES being outdoors and LOVES getting himself DIRTY. He could seriously dig dirt for 30 minutes straight, complete with a throwing dirt match afterwards. Lovely.

4. Fruit. Any & all fruit. Fruit is the only food that Adam can not get enough of. He LOVES bananas (he sounds SO cute when he says ba-na-na), all melon, all berries, peaches and even prunes. I think he inherited his love from fruit from my dad who was also adored fruit.

5. Bubbles. Adam can spot a jar of bubbles from a mile away. He LOVES to watch people blow bubbles and he tries to catch them.

6. "Outside". Adam frequently goes to the door in the kitchen, leading to the deck, and cries "outside". He loves going on walks, riding his bus on the deck, playing with dirt (see #2), etc.

7. Water... in all forms. Adam LOVES water... the pool, sprinklers, puddles, his sippy cup full of water, water bottles, etc. Definitely a H20 kid.

8. Songs/music. LL can sing parts of over 10 songs now. He absolutely loves listening to music. Lets just say that Steven and I know all the words to the "Toddlers Sing" and "Free to Be" CDs. We are known to sing verses of certain songs to each other at night.

9. Blocks. We bought Adam the Mega Blocks (big legos for little tots) and he learned how to stack and build the blocks. He loves to build a tower and then knock it over.

10. (Last & hopefully not least...) Mama & Dada. Even when LL is playing independently, he'll still come to us every few minutes with an excited "Mama" or "Dada" and give us a hug.

Bonus... Adam's new favorite phrases are "open it" and "uh oh"... we hear each phrase about 10 times an hour. We always get nervous when we hear "uh oh" as you can imagine.... :)

Adam with BIG DOGGY, sitting in his blocks storage container... which he loves to climb and sit in... :)

Blog note: We are leaving for Birmingham, AL on Thursday for a visit with Bobbe & Zayde. We are SO excited to see them & spend time in B'ham (not so excited about the plane ride, though!). Anyway, I will update the blog when we return next week...

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