Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conversations with Little Love

Adam has gotten really good at "filling in the blanks" when asking him questions. It's pretty funny. Here are some actual conversations that we had today:

Mama: Adam, what do you want to watch on TV?
Adam: Barney! (Once he hears "watch" he yells "Barney" without fail).

Mama: Adam, who did you play with today?
Adam: Dada (It's always Dada, regardless of who he had playdates with).

Mama: Adam, What's Grandma taking? A...
Adam: Bath (This is always his answer... that someone's taking a bath. He's so serious, too. It's hilarious).

Dada: Adam, Let's take a...
Adam: Walk! (He knows it's time for a walk when Dada gets home. Last week he even reminded him... saying, "Dada. Walk. Outside."

Grandma: Adam, it's time to go...
Adam: Bye Bye Doggie (or whomever/whatever he's playing with. And I mean anything. For example... "Bye Bye Spoon", "Bye Bye Blocks", etc. Priceless).

Dada: Adam, do you want to play with this?
Adam: Open It.
Dada: It doesn't open, Adam.
Adam: Open It.
Repeat 10x. At least.

Mama: Adam, what book should we read?
Adam: Bert (his new favorite Sesame Street book, Nighty Night, with Bert in it).

Dada: Adam, what did you have for lunch today?
Adam: maconi (mararoni)
Dada: and
Dada: What else did you have?
Adam: chicken
(Actually, he had a grilled cheese sandwich. Close enough.)

Mama: Adam, what song should we sing?
Adam: Baa Baa (for Baa Baa Black Sheep).
If he doesn't want to sing himself, he'll say "Me Me Me" to listen to the Free To Be You & Me (Marlo Thomas, Baby!) CD.

Mama: Adam, Where does Mama have to go tomorrow?
Adam: Work!

And, my favorite...

Mama: I love you sooooo....
Adam: MUCH!

Chatting it up with Grandma... and Doggy


McTriplet Mommy said...

Cutie-pie! The things they say absolutely amaze me!! :) We've said (I guess a few to many times!) "Can you please ask like a human?" and now when they're in time-out they've started saying, "Mommy!!!! I'm ready to act like a huuuuuuuuuuman!!!" Crack me up.

Take care, hope work is going well!


Amanda said...

LOL, I love it. Especially the "Open it" and "bath" ones. Hw much fun!!!