Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from the Beach

We had an AMAZING time at the beach in Destin, Florida. We stayed in a gorgeous condo, overlooking the pool and ocean -- here's a pic, taken from our balcony:

It was so wonderful being with family for an extended period of time. Adam loves his Bobbe, Zayde, Aunt Samantha and Uncle Jeff. He also absolutely adores his cousins... Jake, Evan, and Zach. Whenever they would walk in the room, Adam would give them the biggest smile. It was so sweet to watch them all together!

Adam loved the surf and sand. It took him a few minutes to get used to the sand but he was eating it (of course) after a few minutes. He also loved swimming in the pool, especially in his cool car float.

It was such a wonderful and relaxing week. We all had the BEST time. LL is definitely a water baby!

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Getz Gang said...

he looks sooo chubby!