Sunday, June 22, 2008

At the Zoo

On Friday, we visited a local petting zoo with Molly & Riley. It is a great little zoo with lots of exotic animals. We got complimentary food to feed the animals with but Molly and I were too scared to do so -- we thought we'd get our hands chopped off or something!!!

Adam loved the animals... he also loved picking up the stones and gravel. He also managed to sit in goat poop -- that's my boy! He recognized some of the animals... said "duck" and "quack quack" when looking at the ducks and "nay nay" when looking at the horses. All in all, it was a very fun afternoon... definitely an adventure!

Here are some shots from the zoo. The first shot, of Adam standing in the grass, is one of my favorite pics of him...

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namaste said...

He just seems like such a fun kid! Isn't this a great time? :)