Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Caught red-handed with the credit cards!

As you can see, Adam takes after Mom and loves to shop!!! :)

This photo was taken last week, I haven't taken any new photos yet this week. I'll try to take a few before we leave for OUR BEACH WEEK IN DESTIN, FLORIDA (yahoo!) with Bobbe, Zayde, Aunt Samantha, Uncle Jeff, Jake, Evan, and Zach on Saturday. Can you tell we're quite excited about the trip?!?

Not too much new here. We had a terrible storm this afternoon that Adam was absolutely fascinated with. He couldn't stop watching the rain fall from his bedroom window... he was probably the only person in the DC area who loved the storm!

We had a lovely visit from Rosemary and Allan (Uncle Jeff's parents) tonight, who were in town for a conference. Steven has known them since he's been in college and I have known them for at least 7 years. They are absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad we had the chance to have dinner with them at Clyde's tonight. I think Adam impressed them with his new "trick"... when we say "one, two..." Adam will yell "three"! He has no idea what these numbers mean but he gets so excited, nonetheless. It was a real treat seeing them... the last time I saw them was 2 weeks before Adam was born. What a difference 14.5 months make, huh?

I'll do my best to post again before we leave on Saturday... counting the hours over here...!!!

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McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh my - better hope he didn't get the phone, too... could be getting a home shopping network bill soon! :)

Have fun on vacation!

Take care,