Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Little Music Man

The libraries in our county are fantastic. Most of the libraries are new and have a great selection of books (for kids and adults). They also do not charge late fees! Even better, they have amazing free programs for babies and kids each week. Recently, Adam just finished a session of "Rhythm and Rhyme" where we sang songs (accompanied by musical instruments) each week. The class was for babies/kids ages birth - 4. Adam was one of the youngest kids enrolled. However, he was always one of the first kids to go up to get his musical instrument (or scarf, depending on the song) each time. It was so funny to see Little Love surrounded by all these big kids, holding his own. =)

Here are some photos... Adam is in the blue top and brown shorts:

Here's Adam in his VA T-shirt that our friend Travis created for him... so cute!