Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why buy toys?!?

This morning, I had to complete the simple task of changing Lil Love's crib sheet. Actually, this is a much more difficult task than you would imagine and takes a few (frustrating) minutes. Adam was "reading" one of his new books "He Bear, She Bear" (featuring the Berenstain Bears -- I love them!) when I got started. Two minutes later, I hear him head over to the diaper genie. 10 seconds later he has pulled up onto the diaper genie and is grabbing his wet diaper (the one that I didn't have time to put in yet -- oops). So, I manage to pull him down from the genie and give him his talking telephone to play with. He does, happily, for about... um, 30 seconds. Next thing I know he is pulling all of his clean, folded laundry out of the laundry basket! And chewing on his overall buttons! AAGH! I quickly sweep up the laundry and place it safely in his closet, door closed. He seems to be happy again, finding his new Cookie Monster rattle to teethe on. I go back to changing the crib sheet (I'm almost done!) when 20 seconds later I hear... the blinds flapping and Adam laughing! He managed to crawl up under the blinds and hide in them! All I could do by this point is laugh along with him. Did I mention that he has FIVE toy chests filled with wonderful toys to play with?!? However, his favorite "toys" seems to be blinds, newspapers, and folded laundry!

On a side note.... went out to get a manicure (finally) tonight. When I got home, Adam crawled right to me and pulled up on my legs... and was beaming the whole time. When I gave him back to Daddy so I could put the groceries away (snow/ice is expected in the AM... had to run to the grocery store with everyone else!), he started pouting and said "mamammamamamama" until I picked him up again. He just warms my heart. He certainly loves his Dada, too... he now squels (sp?) and crawls over to the safety gate when he comes home from work. It's precious. We are so blessed.

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Getz Gang said...

Did ya'll get snow?? If so, take some pics of that baby in it. Check out my blog...update on big boy beds.
love you