Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quack, Quack

Two of Adam's absolute favorite things are Doggy and Ducky. Doggy was a baby present given by....??? I know it was one of Steven's parents friends but I can't remember who. I'll have to look at my gift log one of these days so I can send them ANOTHER thank-you note since Doggy is a life-saver! I seriously don't think Adam would go to bed without him. He LOVES Doggy.
Adam also adores Ducky, his other sleeping pal. Ducky quacks, which Adam loves. Doggy is #1 but Ducky is a close 2nd. So much so that if you ask Adam what does Ducky says he actually QUACKS. It is the CUTEST thing. Almost as cute as him waving on demand.
As you can see, Adam shows his love for his animals by gently biting them. :)

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