Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun with Sippy Cups

Welcome to our blog! It's actually 10.5 months late but better late than never, right?!?
It seems like everyday is an adventure with our little guy so we decided to start a blog to remember it all.
Where to begin?!? Guess we'll start with Adam's brand new favorite thing... sippy cups! See the list on the right of the blog for the rest of his faves. :)
Adam loves drinking from his sippy cup. Actually, he loves TEETHING on his sippy cup! The whole world is a teether to him right now. He has four front teeth and four bottom teeth. The other night I had to take out some chicken from his mouth (he loves to cram 10 pieces in and then forgets to chew it sometimes) and I think I felt some additional teeth...I'm not sure though. Not sure how many are back there (if any) but he seems to have a mouthful (no pun intended)!

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