Monday, February 25, 2008

Grandma's House

Going to Grandma's house is always a treat!

Adam and Grandma (my mom) have a *very* special bond. Steven, Adam and I lived with my mom for the first five months of Adam's life, while we waited for our new house to be ready. What a gift that was!

Whenever Adam sees Grandma, his face lights up into a *huge* grin... it's a special smile that he only gives her. He then proceeds to either a) take off in lightning speed, crawling style, to get to her or b) reach out for her to hold him (if he's really tired). I have so many wonderful memories of my mom and Adam together. Here are just a few:

a) The "5 day old chair". This is the loud and colorful bouncer that Steven put Adam in -- in the hopes that he would stop crying -- when he was only five days old. It didn't work. Fortunately, from 3-6 months, Adam practically lived in that bouncer. We still joke though about Steven putting him in when he was five days old!

b) How my mom and Adam would "talk" when he was only a few days & weeks old. So cute. I remember her trying to encourage me to talk to him. Being a first-time mom, I asked him "How are you doing?" We got such a laugh from my cluelessness. She would also (and still does) set up his toys in the cutest fashion. For example, I would come in and find Doggy sitting in a mixing bowl or Ducky peering from a bookshelf for Adam to look at.

c) Adam has performed many of his "firsts" at Grandma's house: the first time he sat up, the first time he sat up from a crawling position, the first time he scooted, the first time he crawled, etc. I'll never forget when I walked into "his room" at Grandma's and he was standing up for the first time in his crib. So exciting!

d) How Adam would look up at both of us, from one to another, when we would take him for walks. We would jokingly refer to us as "The 2 Mommies"!

Seriously, though, I don't know how I would've gotten through the last few months of my pregnancy (I had a scare regarding his growth and was on bedrest) without her love, support, and delicious meals! I definitely would not have gotten through the first month or two of parenthood without her guidance (and babysitting in the AM so I could get some sleep after pulling all-nighters).

Fortunately, Grandma only lives about 25 minutes away so we still see her at least once a week. It is always such a treat for all of us!

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Getz Gang said...

I adore your mom and have good memories of visiting her house when Adam was a baby.