Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy 11 Months (wow, does time fly!!!)

Happy 11 months to my Honey Bunny Bear!

Note on pictures above:

As mentioned previously, Adam LOVES LOVES LOVES pulling on the blinds. I usually pull them up before he can get to them and he'll just happily gaze out the window (and "talk" to whoever he sees through the window). However, the other day, he was too quick for me and crawled/cruised to the window at lightning speed. I told him "NO" and what did he do? Give me the biggest, most mischievious smile ever (the photo doesn't do this grin justice). When I came over to "catch him" he let out a little mock scream. It's hard to be firm when your kid is this flippin' cute. :)

The other photo shows Adam multi-tasking. He is able to teethe (his favorite thing) on his horse toy (from Bubbe/Zayde -- he loves that animal truck!) while "walking". Cousin Paul is looking on in awe in the background. :)

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McTriplet Mommy said...

Cutie!! :)

I posted a new blog tonight - got your comment the other day. I'm interested in how you "found" my blog!! :)

Adam is absolutely adorable - my kids LOVE the blinds. They never pull them up - they just bang on them. :)

Take care,