Friday, February 22, 2008

The onesie says it all :)

Adam's Valentine's Day onesie says it all -- " I stole Mommy's Heart". He did!
I adore Adam... Steven and I both do. You hear about the love a mother has for her child but until you experience it... there are no words. It doesn't help that my son is the cutest thing that I have ever seen... ever. He is so funny, too... he never ceases to crack me up. He also has the brightest smile and sweetest disposition. Everyone who meets him is amazed by how laidback and happy he is. Well... the people at his baby gym class this week would probably disagree. He was overtired and teething and, well... not as happy. But we all have our moments. :) Adam brings both Steven and I true joy and happiness. He's the best. We're so lucky.

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Getz Gang said...

He is the sweetest, most happy little boy! I miss him so bad