Sunday, November 28, 2010

Very thankful

Thanksgiving Day started with Adam wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and reminding me that "we are going to Grandma's house and having a turkey!" Then he put on his fancy headdress (that he made at school) and took out his turkey wand:

We hung out together in the morning (but forgot to watch the's Thanksgiving Day Parade!) and left for Grandma's in the afternoon. First we stopped over at Rona & Eric's house - wonderful neighbors & family friends. We got to see their kids (who are not really kids anymore - they're only a few years younger than me!) and Adam loved playing with their dog. It was really nice catching up:
Adam with the lovely Rona

Next, we went to Grandma's House for the biggest Thanksgiving dinner we've ever had! Besides our family and Marty, Marty's kids and their families (Josh, Nicole & Mo and Ruth & Will) joined us which was wonderful. My dad's first cousin, Annie, was also in town with her son Yossi and his family (Idit, Shair, Hela and Gali) also joined in on the fun (in town from Atlanta). I haven't seen Annie, Yossi & family in years so it was a real treat to spend Thanksgiving together. Of course Mom outdid herself with the food - wow - the turkey & stuffing were incredible (Uncle Steven & Uncle Joey - you really missed out this year)! ;)

Here are some photos from the evening:

Marty, Mom, Mom/Grandma & Adam getting ready to carve the turkey!

Annie and her wonderful grandchildren - love them!

Adam getting to know cousin Yossi

Adam enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner (especially Grandma's homemade cranberry sauce!) with Daddy, Will, Nicole & Grandma (and my empty chair!)

Adam and Mo watching post-meal football (or, Cur.ious Geo.rge)?!? =)

Nothing ends a Thanksgiving meal better than an exciting game of Tab.oo!!!

Our best attempt at a family picture (Adam was not in a "photo-taking mood" - can you tell?!?)

Hanging out with Annie before eating Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday! =)

We all felt VERY THANKFUL to be together... and to enjoy such a delicious meal! =)

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Steven said...

Wow! Everyone looks sooo great... Sorry I missed it !.....