Friday, November 5, 2010

Adam's "OFFICIAL" Big Boy Bed!!!

Adam is officially sleeping in a BIG BOY (TWIN-SIZED) BED now!

Before he was in a toddler-sized bed which had been converted from his crib.
Bobbe & Zaide bought him a fantastic mattress that arrived 2 nights ago. He's had his best 2 nights of sleep in MONTHS. We are very excited about this!

Of course, the decor is Curi.ous Geo.rge who we both love. Adam especially loves the border that our dear friends, Christy & Travis, put around his window (they also set up his bed -- THANK YOU!!!). I also bought him a new book rack since his official bookshelf is in a little nook outside his room.

I love seeing my own little monkey sleeping so soundly in his new bed!

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