Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adam meets Cur.ious George (and Frog & Toad, too)!

Adam met his (well, our) favorite character at the JCC book fair this morning... Cur.ious George!!! He was very excited to meet CG as well as the infamous "Man with the Yel.low Hat"! As a special treat, Frog & Toad were also there to meet which was very cool since we started reading their book a few weeks ago (another favorite from my youth). Adam was his casual self when meeting the characters but he mentioned a few times today "Do you remember meeting Frog & Toad?" so that made it all worth it! Another bonus was that kids were supposed to come in their pajamas... love it!

Adam's face when seeing Cur.ious George walk in the room

Giving our favorite monkey a big hug

Giving Frog(or Toad?) some love

Meeting the illustrator of the "Dinosaur on ... (insert Jewish Holiday here)" books who was also at the book fair. He signed all 3 of Adam's book (2 which we purchased today; they are very cute).

Showing CG his new book as CG & friends were leaving the book fair

Last photo op!

Afterwards, we stopped by Car.toon Cuts in the mall so Adam could get a haircut (finally, I know, but I love his hair long)! Anyway, as you can see, it's very short (for Adam) but still cute... and it will grow back, right?!? =)
Showing off his new 'do (and his Le.go house)!

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Ooh how exciting to meet CG. Teo would have loved that!