Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adam & Riley

One of Adam's very first friends was Miss Riley. Her mom, Molly, and I were in the same playgroup but had never met. She saw that I lived in the same neighborhood and that our kids were only a few weeks apart (gotta love online profiles!) so she contacted me. A quick friendship was formed between Molly & I and, of course, Adam & Riley. We used to hang out all.the.time when the kids were babies since we both had time off from work that "first year". Unfortunately, our schedules are opposite this year (we are both off 2 days a week - but not the same days!) so it's much harder to get together. When we are lucky enough to get together, though, it's like no time has passed - for our friendship and for the kids!

Back in the Day - Nov. 2007

Adam and Riley TODAY (well, last week)- Nov. 2010

We got together at a local park last Sunday and the kids had a blast playing together. It was so great to see them together again and to catch up with Molly. We always promise that we won't wait as long until our next playdate!

A new "friend" has also come along in the past year - Riley's adorable brother, Jude!
Molly & Jude. He is the same age now that Adam & Riley were when they met in Nov. 2007! He seems so little and they seemed so big at the time. Interesting, huh?

We are very happy to have Riley (and her own family) in our lives! =)

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