Monday, November 22, 2010

holiday card shopping

The holidays are here! I'm so excited as it really is the most wonderful time of the year! I love the spirit, the decorations (esp. the lights), the cookies & other homeade treats, the vacation time, the hope for SNOW and,especially, all the wonderful holiday cards (I just LOVE getting non-junk or non-bills mail - I even love the catalogs)!

As my longtime readers may remember,I send out 2 different cards each year... a Hanukkah card and a "Happy Holidays" card (usually with a SNOWY background) as we have friends who celebrate both holidays, Hanukkah and Christmas (some even celebrate both)! Luckily, Shutterfly has a great collection each year to fit both our needs. It's so easy to order, too... you can choose your price level, size of card, font and size type, greeting,etc. Simple & yet very personalized! This year, I will probably order these for our Hanukkah card. I love the beautiful but simple design and the fact that they are "folded" cards. It's also perfect for a family picture as well as one of just Adam.

I haven't decided yet what "happy holidays" card to get yet, but I'm thinking about ordering these. There are just too many cute designs to choose from!

Since they are so reasonably priced, I have also decided to buy matching address labels from Shutterfly this year to go along with the holidays stamps. Since they have a snow-y theme, I can use them all winter, too. =)

Now the tough part... I have to figure out which family photo to use. We had some photos taken this weekend at a "holiday event" during the train show. I really like how Steven & I look in this photo -- is there any way to digitally rearrange this photo so Adam would look up and smile?!?

Oh well, we will try again this weekend for another family shot. =)

You'll have to wait until our holiday cards come out to see it! I'll post one on the blog and I'll be happy to send your family one, too, if you leave your address in the comment section. =)

P.S. Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly - just click on the link for more information! =)

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