Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hangin' with the Cousins

We had THE BEST TIME hanging out with the L-Man crew last weekend! Jake, Zach and Evan are such INCREDIBLE cousins... I'm in awe when I see them interact with their little cousin, Adam. They are so playful & fun yet gentle & protective of him... they are so very precious. During the 48 hours that they were in town, the boys played & played... amazingly, Adam did a pretty decent job keeping up with them!

On Friday night, we had a late Shab.bat dinner (pizza) and the boys reunited:
The cousins having lighting the Shab.bat candles (open your eyes, Adam)!

Enjoying pizza together

Aunt Samantha and Uncle Jeff, sharing a laugh =)

Playing on Adam's computer, a birthday gift from the cousins

On Saturday, we headed Downtown to go to the International Sp.y Museum. We had fun being in D.C. but we'll probably have to wait until Adam's a little older before we visit the museum again. We still had fun on the (looong) Metro ride and eating lunch together:
Evan & Zach helping Adam buy his metro ticket

Aunt Samantha, Adam, Evan & Zach in D.C.

Adam & Jake enjoying their lunch at "The Spy Ca.fe"... Adam is fascinated by his "biggest cousin" Jake... look at the look on his face! =)

On Sunday morning, we went over to Mom/Grandma's house for Brunch. Afterwards, we went to the Red.skins Training Camp. The Skins are looking good (finally)!!!
Grandma & Adam entering Red.skins Training Camp. Go Skins!!!

Watching The Skins up close

The best seat in the house!

The boys helping Adam jump through the tires at training camp

Jake was a "tire jumping" winner!

The boys were still in Red.skins Spirit when we returned from Training Camp so they played football for hours outside... until it was time for the L-Man Crew to head back to Chicago.

We love you, L-Man Crew!!! Come visit again soon!!!

P.S. GREAT monster face, Jake! Are you sure that's you?!?

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