Saturday, August 21, 2010

H, F & M

Adam's canker sore turned into about... 10 sores in his mouth... poor baby!!! I found out that 2 kids in his class have "Hand Foot & Mo.uth" so we're pretty sure that is what he has. He doesn't have any sores on his hands or feet and no fever (except for a 99.8 temp at one point which was temporary). However, it's just too coincidental with the mouth sores. I took him to the Min.ute Clinic on Thursday and the nurse practitioner is pretty sure that's what he has. I have to say, it is a NASTY VIRUS. It's the sickest Adam's been since his bout of roseola, back in December 2008. He ate very little on Monday and Tuesday and didn't eat ANYTHING Wednesday - Friday. We had to beg & plead with him to drink milk and juice which he drank from a little straw in the corner of his mouth. So pitiful.

The good news is that he was MUCH BETTER today... yay!!! He actually ATE all 3 meals (blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs w/cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich on a soft tortilla). He would complain at first that "it hurt" but then he ate... he was starving! His bout with constipation also ended this morning, thank goodness! His mood & energy was much improved. I think he's FINALLY on the mend, knock on wood.

Here is a picture taken last night -- as you can see, he was already starting to feel better then:

I'm SO HAPPY to see Little Love's smile back!!!

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